Guidelines & Policies

How many shirts do I need to order?
The order minimum is 20 shirts per design.

What details do I need to place an order?
1) Order deadline
2) Order quantity
3) Shirt style and color/s
4) Design to be printed
5) 50% deposit

How long does it take for my order to be ready?
We shoot for a turnaround time of 5-7 business days after all order details have been received, approved, and finalized. If any changes are made, we may have to reset the turnaround time.

Can you print Rush orders?
Yes! If you need your order before our standard turnaround of 5-7 business days there is a good chance we can make it happen. We do add a Rush charge of 25% to your order total for this service. If you need a Next Day turnaround and our schedule will allow it, the added Rush charge will be 50% to your total.

What type of design/artwork files do you need to print my order?
The best type of artwork to submit is in a vector format created in software like Adobe Illustrator (.ai). This file type allows us to manipulate the design easily for printing purposes. We also accept .eps and high-resolution .jpegs and .pdfs at 300+ dpi and final print dimensions. If you have any questions on submitting your artwork visit our Art Guidelines page or email

Can you help me with my design/artwork?
We can definitely help modify and clean up designs/artwork for no charge under most circumstances. If we determine that an art charge should apply we will let you know before continuing any work.

How big can you print a design?
On our automatic press, the max print dimension is 16″ wide x 18″ tall. We can modify screens to print larger images, but this will require manual printing and most likely increase the price.

Do you charge extra for screen and setup fees?
Not typically since those charges are already calculated in the per shirt price. Now, if you needed 50 adult shirts and 1 toddler shirt printed, we would have to charge a special screen/setup fee of $15.00 per print color for that toddler shirt print because that shirt will have to be setup and printed separately from the adult shirts. Other than that, the only additional fees may be due to ink changes and/or art preparation.

Should I order more shirts than I need?
It is definitely recommended, especially if you are on a tight deadline, because mistakes sometimes happen while printing and shirts can come from the supplier with defects (stains, holes, loose threading, etc). The average error rate in the screen printing industry is 3%, so if possible order a couple extra shirts per size and you should be fine. If your final printed quantity does not match the invoiced quantity, we will not charge you for the missing shirts.

Can I return shirts if they do not fit?
Unfortunately we can not accept returned shirts or provide a refund for shirts that do not fit. Since we are simply the screen printer and are only accountable for the printing of your logo / artwork / design, we can not take responsibility for the actual garment’s cut, color and/or sizing. To avoid any issues, we highly recommend that you visit our shop and see the actual garments you are wishing to print on. We can always order samples if you request.

What kind of ink do you use to print on the shirts?
Our standard, everyday ink is plastisol. This type of ink typically has a much brighter look and allows the design to “pop”. We may be able to print with water-based inks on lighter color garments if you prefer, additional charges may apply.

Do you print names and numbers for athletic teams?
We do! Names are $5.00 per print location per shirt and are printed in one color. Numbers are $3.50 per digit per shirt and are printed in one color. Names can be printed in any font you would like. Numbers are printed in a standard athletic block style font.

What if there is something wrong with my order, like a misspelling or the print colors are off?
To avoid issues with spelling, print placement, and ink colors we always provide a digital proof for your order. It is your responsibility to request changes for any issues that are found in the proof. We do our very best to catch any glaring issues, but certain words and names can have various spellings that we may not be familiar with. For printed ink colors, we use a standard set of inks that match the digital colors used for proofing. Do realize that everyone’s computer monitor will display colors a little differently so you may see some variation from the proof and final physical shirt print. Please let us know if color matching is critical and we will discuss options to achieve the best result possible!