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iNK Screen Printing – Custom Printed Apparel – Lakeland FL

What do you need from your printer?  

Quick, simple ordering and awesome customer service? 
High quality printing on a huge selection of garments at affordable prices?

Yep, we do all of that! Scroll down to see how.


Design Artwork

Upload your artwork and we will provide a mock-up for your approval. Note: good art = good print.

Print Shirts

Final detail and artwork approval leads to printing shirts that will be in your hands within 5 – 7 business days.

Pretty simple, right? Next step is requesting a quote and you can do that below!



Pricing FAQ

What do all of the price points mean?
This is our price grid and it shows the printing prices based on different order quantities and the number of ink colors in your logo/design to be printed.

Do the prices include the shirt cost, too?
No, they do not. Below are prices for our most common shirt styles that you can then add to the print pricing to get a good idea on your total cost (shirt & printing). Click on the red text links to view the details and color options for each shirt, as well as our vendors’ full websites. Keep in mind these are just some of our common shirt styles, so feel free to look around our vendors’ sites and ask us for a quote when you find what you need!
Standard Cotton Tee: $2.00 (S-XL), $4.50 (2XL)
Standard Blend Tee: $2.00 (S-XL), $4.50 (2XL)
Fashion Fit Tee: $3.50 (S-XL), $4.50 (2XL)
Performance DriFit Tee: $4.00 (S-XL), $5.00 (2XL)
Hooded Sweatshirt: $10.00 (S-XL), $12.00 (2XL)

How do I use this price grid?
Choose how many shirts you’ll be ordering, then the number of ink colors in your design to figure out your price. For example, if you need 100 shirts with a 3 COLOR print on the front then your print price is $3.75 per shirt. For a total price, just add the appropriate blank shirt price from above.

Is it extra if I want to print on the back, too?
Yes. The prices in our grid above are per print location, so if you want printing on two locations (like front & back) then there will be two print charges. Using the example above, if you determined $3.75 for the front print, but also want to print a 1 COLOR design/logo on the back of your 100 shirt order, you’ll need to add $2.65 for the back print. Your new print price will be $6.40, plus the cost of the blank shirt.

What about printing on other locations, like on the sleeve or on a pocket?
We can definitely print on those locations, but we do consider those to be special print locations so they cost a little more than the prices listed above. Let us know and we’ll provide a price quote!

How much is shipping?
Good news, Florida Ground shipping is now included in the price above! If you need an out-of-state shipping cost, just let us know and we will provide an estimate. On the flip side, if you want to save some money you can always pick up your order and we’ll be happy to discount the shipping cost.

What if I have a specific budget to work with, how do I find the best price?
To start, price is always determined by the total number of shirts your are ordering, the total number of ink colors and print locations on each shirt, and finally the blank shirt price. The easiest way to reduce your price per shirt is by ordering a high quantity of the most affordable shirt brand/style with the least number of print colors and locations. Of course, we would never want you to sacrifice your vision, so we are glad to offer suggestions of where you can find flexibility on certain order details. Not to toot our own horn, but we’re really good at serving our customers’ needs and expectations in order for them to be super happy with the end result!

Are there additional screen or setup charges?
Typically, no. The only time we add screen/setup charges is if you need different sized versions of your print, for example if you were ordering youth and adult size shirts. If you are not sure that your print will fit on all the shirt sizes you need, just let us know and we’ll figure it out!

Can I mix shirt styles and colors?
Yes, we allow you to order up to 3 different shirt styles and you can print on as many shirt colors as you like, but there is a minimum of 12 shirts per color. Also, keep in mind that different shirt colors may require different ink colors to be printed (for example, white ink on black shirts, black ink on white shirts) and there is a $10 charge per ink change.

If your custom order seems a little more complex, let us give you a quote!

meet the ...


You wouldn’t know it, but there’s only three of us running the show! We do have part-time and seasonal employees, too, but for the most part iNK Screen Printing is operated by the folks below. Every year we coordinate, print, and deliver over 100,000 prints for our customers in Lakeland, all over the state of Florida, and even a few around the country! Our main motto is “Keep It Simple”, but along with that we consistently perform as “A Small Company That Does Big Things”. Plus, all printing and design is done in-house, so every customer that we service, shirt that we print, and order that we ship is handled with only the best care and love!


What are people saying?

Real words from real customers!
  • THESE GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! My wife and I have a small t shirt company and decided to start using the guys at iNK to up our product's look and quality. They have surpassed all expectations and we have been coming back over and over for reliable quality, and the best customer service I've gotten in years. They take their time to keep us in the loop about everything so that we can always feel informed and comfortable with who we are working with.
  • Are you serious! These folks are freaking amazing. Had a white on black with 5 colors printed on top of the white that needed tight registration. They did the best job of color registration that I have ever seen on a shirt, better than some offset printing that I have seen on paper!!! If you want the best - go for the "ink" screen printing.
  • The iNK crew is incredibly professional. I had and will continue to have all my business' screen printing done with this company alone. No need for second opinions and/or quotes. They blow every other screen printer out of the water when it comes to quality and pricing, not to mention the turn around time! They are a small local business to boot!
  • I love working with you guys. Sunny is always so accommodating and goes out of her way to make sure that we get exactly what we want. The latest t-shirt order we placed is probably one of our best. Thank you so much for being accurate, affordable, and AMAZING!!!
  • They saved the day for our crew. Now we are not only are sending others to them, we are compiling our order for next year's airshow. A BIG Thanks to all of you!
  • I have been using Ink Screen Printing for my small business for almost a year and LOVE IT! The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and willing to help in any way possible. The quality and affordability of the shirts is top-notch. Highly recommended to any individual or business looking to order custom shirts!
  • We've worked with iNK on a few projects, including t-shirts and hoodies and have had a great experience every time. They are super responsive, easy to work with, and have a fast turn around time. Highly recommend the team there!
  • We love Sunny and the team at iNK Screen Printing! McKeel Marketing Group has worked with iNK for the last three year in creating our McKeel Academy of Technology spirit shirts! <3


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